Captive Portal

The Captive Portal can be used as a marketing tool to collect data and segment users, so that businesses that provide Wi-Fi to their clients can collect useful data and segment it for their marketing campaign.

Manage Users

Check hotspot user’s expiration date, bandwidth and traffic limits, any data that you captured during registration or login. Modify those limits on the fly, suspend their access. Export customers’s data in csv or pdf.

Easy to customize

Modify plans, put banners on splash page, customize layout from the Cloud. You can be anywhere in the world to do that. All changes are instant!

Prevent Network Abuse

Each user can get limited bandwidth set by you on a per package basis. This way you can avoid the overload of internet connection by one user.

Social login

Deploying Social Wi-Fi helps any type of business boosting its social visibility and increasing brand awareness. Through COLOWI’s Wi-Fi Authentication Splash Page, that includes social login capabilities and many other features, users can log in using their favourite social network:


There are difference type of report such as social report, timer report, usage report ..etc The venues easy to view their user data for marketing purpose.

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Free wifi in Cambodia

Free wifi in Cambodia

The trend of using Internet has been increasing steadily among today’s workforce. Everyone expects to access Wi-Fi hotspots wherever possible. It is quite commonplace for business to entertain clients, customers and other visitors every day. So, businesses have been making

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The system is good and I can monitor my business


If you know about colowi-hotspot you’ll know how to take benefit from your free wifi

Kim Saray

This is a good system. I can fully manage on my free wifi hotspot.


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